Monday, May 30, 2011

Someone who without makeup makes my nature rise

Welcome to my fishing hole I am hoping to catch a delicious Chilean Sea Bass.

I have had my fill of Fried Whiting which is certainly very delicious with Grits on a Sunday Morning , but my taste buds now salivate for those rare morsels that you just want to hold in your mouth as long as possible.

I am a 6 ft 2 gentleman who is Southern in manner and spirit due to my North Carolina Roots .

I prefer down to earth women who wear less makeup than more and who probably wear more " Target " than " Prada " . The kind of person who values the fact that I will gladly give her kids my last dollar and does not insist that we buy a new Mercedes every two years ( the Pre-1990 ones are nicer anyway ) .

Someone who without makeup makes my nature rise and for who I would do anything I could to drain the stress from her brow .I am not in a rush and am not aggressively searching and contacting people . Instead I am at home adding ingredients to a big pot of comfort food I would love to share with you.

I am not one of these " Black People " who salivate over other cultures I love " Black people ".

I love music.If you can feel the music you can probably feel me . Can I make you a CD ?

(Aw, you already want to make me a mix tape? How sweet. But since I just bought a Tony Orlando anthology at "Target," I'd rather you spend that last dollar of yours buying me a plane ticket to Shanghai so I can get the hell away from you)

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