Monday, May 30, 2011

i really enjoy information books

For fun
i like to socialixe, travel, meet new and exciting people. Ver much into nature and all its beautry. Hiking in the mountains is a favorite of mine. If you like country boys that are honest and value a good looking intelligent woman we should irish decent, had two good parents that worked hard and also enjoyed their life to the max..Verry much a country boy, with good values and a very high drive. Like the simple things in lif like a nice sunset with a cute woman in a glass of wine.

Last read
not the last thing i read but the most interesting was a book on sexuality, it explained how to make any woman orgasm during intercourse, that was several years ago and it was the best information i got in a while. i really enjoy information books.

(I agree, information books are some of the most riveting. Ver much into those)

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