Monday, May 30, 2011

my doctor says I wont get much bigger as I was tiny to begin with

I'm looking for someone who doesnt mind the fact that I'm a mom to be or that I will be a mom in 3 months time. My little girl is already my life and I'm hoping to add a positive male influence into our lives. Also looking for someone who will accept that I can be a little emotional sometimes and when hurt I can say things that I dont necessarily mean and be patient with me and understand that after a few hours I will come around and apologize (this has mostly happened since becoming pregnant but has happened once or twice before). I am obviously very family oriented and always try to put others needs over my own. Please don't think that because I am looking for someone while pregnant that I am not putting my daughters needs first I believe a happy mom is what my daughter needs and I believe as long as I am happy with myself it is prefectly ok to start dating or getting to know someone while pregnant. I am not looking for hook ups or short term I am looking for someone who can and will be my forever. Even if I don't personally know someone (say they are someone you work with for example) if something happens to them I'm going to care it is how I was raised.

P.S. Once again please dont let me being pregnant turn you away most people can barely tell unless they know for sure I am pregnant and my doctor says I wont get much bigger as I was tiny to begin with.

(Well in that case...)

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