Monday, May 30, 2011

im scare to a big belly guy :(

i'm not PHILIPINO !!!!

i'm not in ASIAN dudes (sorry!)

i'm a hard worker.

i've been to many kind of BS b4

i'm not picky (it doesn't mean I want to b with anybody YoW!)

i'm not a barbie doll type. im a reg.person with feelings and brain.

please be patient with me.

i learnd that shopping is the best way to celebrate a break up :>

BONUS:im not in medical but i'm a good nurse (Oh..but i cant cook :))

I JUST WANT TO LET YOU KNOW that im scare to a big belly guy :( clean, dont need to use perfume tho
2.i love pubs or clubs or your house (anywhere as long as we dont walk all the time,mostly im on my heels :))
3.dont be push your self
5.give me ideas
6.see you soon !

(Ok, I won't be push. But what are your feelings on pull? For example, my finger?)

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