Monday, May 30, 2011

It's like being on a tandem bike with Jesus

I am looking for a kindred spirit to serve God alongside. To raise kids and love neighbors with. Someone to pray with. Someone to share chessy jokes with! Each day would be an open page of possibilities to discover, love, learn, and share God's amazing love with the world! He also should be between the ages of 35 and 39. I love Jesus! Each day is a faith-embraced adventure with my best friend in the Universe. It's like being on a tandem bike with Jesus (He's in front!) Through the twists and turns of life, I never cease to be amazed where He takes me!l more than anything I long to be a great mom and wife someday. To create a home where the walls echo of love and laughter! Where children and their friends know they will find encouragement, a cookie, and two parents who are deeply in love with Jesus, each other, and them! I love my job! My passion and calling includes sleeping outside in cardboard boxes, going to camp every summer, and teaching about where poop is found in the Bible to middle schoolers whose candor, awe, and unguarded love for the Lord is insatiable

Christ on a stick, we get it, you dig Me. And sorry about all that poop, but hey, it makes the Sodom story so much juicier!

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