Wednesday, January 11, 2012

i go to chouth on sunday! i read babo!

in my life i am laugh when i with pepol!
i like look si verty strong big bady men! many thing make me laugh hehe!
i like exersice watch tv movie!
i like good music with GOOD MV!
i like walk and shoping !
i like with some one go to eat! travel ! park. !
i like read very much like new story! read nespaper everyday!
good easy nice men is my match!

i am asain very pretty nice lady!i like american!

i practice a religion is christian !
i go to chouth on sunday! i read babo!
i love meet pepol!i am injoy exercise! ball. and bick.and shoping.
i am injoy teach pepol exersice !
i am injoy eat and drink !

(So this is what it feels like to win the lottery. What are the odds of finding a woman who enjoys both eating and drinking? I knew going to chouth would pay off!)

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