Sunday, January 8, 2012

i cannot stand a dumb female

1.)I love to meet a thick female,proportiond tho..can also b fit

2.)Im not a chest man,but they can be nice at

3.)Race does not matter

4.)I like a female between 4'11 and 5'10..

5.)Sumpn bout short women i love THO(4'11--5'3)...mayb its the shorter they are,the more it makes me feel like im in control...dang,even if she was 6' still b in well id like ta think so neway..ha ha..Gotta be smart,i cannot stand a dumb female...

6.)i dont wanna a female who is or ever was into other females...we can b freinds,but dont approach me like u tryn ta b w/me... ...I need a female ta have a lil bit of attitude in walk overs

7.)most of all..answer the phone when i call,loli kno sumtimes work gets in the way,but dang,then text me...

8.)when i text you,text my butt back,dont wait 2 hours,ill start ta analyze the some of us do that..o and yes i understand,sumtimes the cell towers or networks can be down,therefore texts can b recieved or sent late..

9.) I need sum 1 ta ta sit by myside while im making my beats and say..."hey baby,that sounds good or mayb say."naw baby i think u should do this to the beat or take this outta the beat"

12.).i love ta juz kick back while sippin on mah rockstar drank and watch a good horor Dvd.....the scary movies that have been greatly edited...meaning...if ur wearing a blue hat in 1 scene dont turn around and be wearing a red hat in the next scene and we didnt even see u change hats....

Speaking of editing, I'm still waiting for numbers 10 and 11

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