Thursday, January 12, 2012

Be assured, no MONSTER BUG here

II am not a Monster BUG walking around. I know that a man carries in his mouth ALL THE BUGS of ALL the women that he ever kissed. I am a health-conscious man. I am not the Monster BUG that dated a 1000 women and will fall apart at any second, sick as hell, due to his life style which is very similar to that of a gigolo, having kissed tons of women. Be assured, no MONSTER BUG here.**I do not live with my parents because I cannot commit to anyone, not even to buying my own place, unless my fiance does all the search work, finds the place and I steal all her work and the place from her. I do not do that, I am not a crook.

He is correct, wenches. A man carries in his mouth all the bugs of all the wenches he has ever kissed. That is, unless he is open to a little bloodletting...

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