Thursday, January 12, 2012

I am not a woman exploiter - slavery...

****I'm not a womanizer.

***I'm not a player and am not looking for a one night stand. Some guys here are, but I'm not.

****I won't disrespect you by telling you lies, being late for dates, not calling you back, standing you up, hitting on your best friends, screening your calls or misleading you. You can rely on me. My word is my bond. I'm not always late because I think that other people's time is less important than my own.

***I'm not a playboy that had a collection of girlfriends, but cannot commit because he likes to have girls on the side and is always looking for the next girl.

****I'm not promiscuous and will not give you any disease that will make you infertile for life. I pride myself on being monogamous.

****I'm not the rich abusive guy that can't stop talking about what he has and only care for himself--just want to use you. Be sure I am not a selfish jerk.

****I'm not looking for a naive much younger girl that I can mislead easily. I'm not lying to you about my age. You'll see that I look my age.

****I won't make you think that I'm always busy, and meet you only once in a while (because I need to meet my other 4 girls on the other days.)

****when we "go dutch", that is, when we divide expenses, I will pay 70% and you will pay 30%. I know that women make only 30% of the income overall and I will not pretend to be dumb and expect you to contribute 50/50. I am not a woman exploiter - slavery...

Seriously though, I'm ready to settle down

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