Monday, June 6, 2011

rob him down when his body acks

i'm her to find my KING! because this QUEEN!will do this cook, clean, welcome his at the door from work with his slipper, a drink, r/d, w/b

i'm a blees woman that would do to make her man feel like the king he is because we make each other feel like king & queen the queen clean, cook iron, surprise him to rob him down when his body acks run him a warm bath rob him down with warm oil from head to toe! this want i will do for my king! to keep a smile on his face pray that i get bless with the same. i'm retried i had to because of my health i'll explaine to whom the lord bless me with my adam i've came from a large family of fourteen you no hearpromble. diebeties, high blood pursure

(Speaking of pressure, my temple is about to explode)

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