Thursday, June 9, 2011


I'm a teacher and coach with 26 years of teaching. Right now, I working indepently as a plumber, and sub-teacher in Liberty Co. 2011 is going to be a special year because I plan on finding the special person ,both of us to fall in love together, laugh,cry if needed, and keep each other happy and alive. Since 19, I have tryed to be the upmost bestfriend,good listner, caregiver, romantic and lover to my mate andIf interested,you need to answer bacK BY AT LEAST WRINKING AT ME, OR EMAIL. I'M NOY COACHING NOW, BUT SOME PLUMBING WORK ON SIDE.I HAVE 26 YEARS IN EDUCATING, WOULD LIKE TO WORK 4 MORE TILL I'M 60.

I'm IRISH, DUTCH, Engliish and forth SIOUX INDIAN. Grew up in Huntsville, AL ,DURING ITS BOOM DAY'S got to see and witness a city muture and grew with it. I PLAYED ALL FOUR SPORTS IN HIGH SCHOOL, BUT RAN MIDDLE DISTANCES IN COOLEGE.

(Coolege: the best years of your life. WRINK!)

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