Saturday, June 11, 2011

crowned by his hand with the gloriole of supernatural light

In the beginning we were created by the Almighty as flawless jewels of heavenly might. Now we're crowned by his hand with the gloriole of supernatural light. Our Royal Love is written in our book of life, signed by my faith in Jesus Christ, sealed by The Holy Ghost and delivered by the Grace of God.

I'm your hereditary King and "The One" deriving miraculously from the Ancient Royal House of the Christian Lions, Heaven sent in the name of Love. In our dreams tonight your eyes meet mine and we see our reflections clearly in each others eyes. We're embracing each other while riding the waves on the oceans of Love and we know each kiss is bringing us one step closer to our new life in the heavens above. When we're walking on the water of Love under the heavens golden light, we're listening to the The Holy Spirits voice of truth and now we're doing what's right.

(I'm detecting subtle hints of Christianity in your profile. Maybe it was the gloriole that tipped me off?)

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