Sunday, June 5, 2011

1 of my breast sags a tiny bit

YES pics r current n I CAN spell. r visual so am I NO pic 4get it.. Not gona say all th typical things U read n these profiles like I'm this n that, we all think we're the greatest. Rmember every1 on here is some1's Ex..LOL. Been in advertising n marketing for 14 yrs..a love/hate relationship.

Things I've learned:

Chocolate's NOT bettr thn sex
Textin can be 4play
Real women hav curves
Real men don't hav 2 hav BIG biceps
Men R better @ casual sex thn woman
Older women can b HOT
1 of my breast sags a tiny bit
Smiling lifts my soul
There R good men & women in this world
Success isn't determined by $$
Rejection hurts

(Consider this my rejection notice)

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